eyebrows micropigmentation: 

                                                                    eyebrows  medium brown (pigment Taupe)

                                                Fair eyebrows  (pigment  Blonde k-21)


                    Eyebrows before (pigment Kajal)                                   Eyebrows after

                                Eyebrows after


                                Scar in the right eyebrow ( pigment  dark brown)




            Dermopigmentation in eyes 



        Dermopigmentation in lips (line and inside)





        Reconstruction of scar and nipple areola.





Camouflage for hair transplant. Scar of 28 cms.

March 2004.


               Micropigmentation  Seminar.                               Article  published in " La Verdad" newspaper.

                                                                                                                                                         April  99.































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